Welcome to where the party happens...

1,111 Pikas are in the party.
They are all different, collectible and no need to say but cute af.




About Team

Pika the Cool CEO&CTO&Founder

He is the founder of the Pikas. He is ready to answer all the question of the members and future members. He is the brain of the project, and behind brialliant utilities. Every new morning, he wakes up with another forward step of the roadmap on his mind.

Pika in Black

The magician who gives a life to all of the project’s aspects. He brings with new art ideas and create that immediately. If there is an issue on art, it will immediately be fixed by him. Also, he has full support to CEO.

Pika the Moon
Head of Marketing

Communication expert. He can find anyone for anything you need. He is ambitious to make 3P one of the top collection on Solana. To achieve that he will find every ways and reach everybody.

Pika the Gamer
Leader of Game Developing

He is a machine. Creator of lots of games and now will creates for the 3P on Solana blockchain. There is nothing he cannot implement to the digital world. He will makes real every idea for the game.